Good Luck Charms To Keep In House That Makes You Feel Luckier

Easily founded lucky charms that can bring noticeable change in your life

  • Turtles:-

Turtles are the symbol of good luck because of its longetivity, strength, stability, endurance, fertility. It is also heard that as turtle grows finances of the family grows. The turtle also symbolises a long life, wisdom and peace.
One can also keep metallic(artificial) turtle

  • Fish:-

As the principle of humanity each and every human being is subjected to feed and protect animals. To sustain this principle, fishes are one of the best creatures to be kept and taken care of. If you are facing any problem in home or office keeping fish is the best remedy. Doing this will also solve your financial problem

  • Laughing Buddha:-

It is best to keep laughing Buddha in your house it takes away all your stress, worries and fill your life with joy. it also takes away the financial crises .It brings positive energy to the house.

  • Money Plant:-

Money plant can be planted any where in the house inside or can plant it in water . you nedd not to care much for it .it is a belief it not only increases your wealth but also increases your income

  • Bowl of Rock Salt:-

It is good to keep bowl of rock salt in bathrooms this bowl of salt will help you get rid of the negative energy. Salt has the quality of reducing the negativity and attracting positive energy. This will also bring a positive change in the attitude of the family members.


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