Lack of Simplicity, Purity, Innocence in Present Generation Kids?

Present day generation is not simple; they are cleverer, smart as compared to the early times.
There is a noticeable difference in the child of 80’s and present child. Reason for this change is:-

  • Television:-

Television watching is associated with a number of negative psychological, social, school achievement, and health outcomes for children. Children who have a TV in their bedroom tend to watch more, and are more likely to be overweight. There are many things that are shown in television which is not according to the age of children and thus changes the maturity level of the child.

  • Lack of outdoor games:-

Previously children use to play outdoor games but now a day’s kids do not take much interest in outdoor games they are likely to take much interested in mobile games and indoor video games which only harms their health. Playing outside refreshes the mind the child and makes them more active but they do not understand the importance of it and keeps themselves busy in technology hence spoil their health. in outdoor games kids go outside interact with other children share his/her thoughts, learns something

  • Internet:-

Internet is another major reason because of which kids are becoming clever and loosing their innocence. Everything is given in internet and kids surf it all the time and get to know new things which are not at times for their age group. Internet makes the child mature before their age

  • Study Pressure:-

Stress! Bad for the body! Bad for the brain! We all know that adult stress can lead to serious illnesses, we don’t associate these maladies with children. Children are under so much pressure of their studies that they don’t get time to play, to enjoy, thus get dumb in their real life .Reducing academic pressure may help children succeed

  • Parents do not give much time to their kids:-

It is seen that in most of the family parents do not give much time to their children and remain busy in their professional life because of which kids feel avoided and try to keep them self busy in thing that are at times not good for them. Parents are the best guide for kids so parent must take out time for enjoying with their kids   


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