The Private Life of a Public Prince

For those of us that are fans of Hamdan, we are so thankful for what he shares with us. His Instagram account is like a window into his fabulous life. He shares photos of his many adventures, endurance races, family/friend fun and just about anything he feels like sharing. However, there is one thing that remains a mystery. A part of his life that this public prince would like to keep private. His personal life.
I am constantly asked about his personal life. Fact is, I know nothing and if I did I wouldn’t share out of respect. As fangirls, we’ve read the outrageous rumors on the internet. We’ve come across the individuals on social media that lie about being in a relationship with him, dating, fiancĂ© or his wife. I am always asked about a new girl that people think he is dating or whatever. Fact is, those individuals that are discussing any type of relationship with him are obviously lying.  Hamdan wants his private life to remain private. If he really wanted to share this part of his life, he would. Plus, do you actually think he would be happy knowing someone is spilling his personal life stories on the internet? Would he actually be with someone like that? The answer is no.

Allow me to leave you with 10 tips to avoid falling into the rumour trap of his personal life:
  1. In some cases, traditional Muslims do not date.
  2. Some individuals do not discuss their personal life with ANYONE! Including their parents, siblings and/or friends until the topic of marriage is mentioned by that individual.
  3. Hamdan would expect the one he is interested in to keep their private life completely private.
  4. Anyone that says they are dating him, are really not. See tip 1, 2 & 3.
  5. He is not married or secretly married as of 12/2014 so anyone that says they are married to him are not.
  6. He is not engaged as of 12/2014, so please let this Kalila Said Palestinian girl rumor die. He never was or is engaged to anyone besides Sheikha Sheikha bint Saeed bin Thani Al Maktoum.
  7. Anyone that claims to be secretly dating him and are sharing stories, texts and/or any information about their relationship to anyone are lying. See tip 3.
  8. If Hamdan follows a female on any of his social media accounts, that does not mean he is in love with her. So leave the poor girl alone.
  9. When in doubt, ask for proof. If someone swears they know information, ask for proof. FYI text messages or emails are not proof. Most of those can be fabricated. Usually pictures are your best bet. No proof, no truth.
  10. The most important tip of all….just respect Hamdan and his privacy. He shares what he wants us to know so just don’t pry.


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