Things to be taken care while investing in a property

It is mandatory for an investor to know all the pros and cons before investing into real estate sector. The major pit fall for the investor can be avoided after considering these points. 

  • Fraudulent Dealers:- Owing the house is the biggest purchase of your life. That's why every step on the way to buying a house-whether for living or investing-must be taken with extreme care. There is reason to be watchful. Soon, as the festival season starts, many developers/builders/brokers will promise freebies and discounts that will seem too attractive to be missed but which in the end may turn out to be traps. All the papers should be checked and if possible take guidance from some legal advisor

  • Under Construction Property:- While buying under constructed property, buyer needs to do a thorough due attentiveness on builder’s track record on completion of property on time as well as quality of work(must constructed  property already sold by him ). It is better and advised to buy from a big name builder.

  • Payment Policy :-It is advised to give full payment or at least part of payment through cheque as cheque is the biggest proof for any thing.

  • Surroundings:- If  you are buying a property for living purpose you must see the neighbours as you are planning to live their for years. It might be good idea to just meet  and greet them even if for only little time. It gives good idea on what standard of living is maintained by residents and whether you can easily adjust with them. As people now a days are very much conscious for the society where they are living in as it counts to your status symbol as well.

  • Water Supply And Sewage System:- Water and sewage system are the basic necessity for day to day activities so it is mandatory to get it checked.
    Ample supply of water is a must thing.


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