Modern Interior in Traditional Style

A modern home with a traditional touch is something that looks very attractive and different. Homes that are decorated traditionally look very glamorous and expensive (rather they are not expensive). The reason behind this is the excellent use of antique furniture and luxurious fabrics.  There are few changes that you can make in your house to make it traditional

  • Entry Way

It is suggested to keep a runner in your entryway with a floral design also keep rustic stools with it ,this will give a classic entry to your house.

  • Traditional Wall hangings

Traditional Indian Wall Hangings add colour to your home. You would have seen different art and craft items for wall decoration, but the most famous among them are Rajasthan art works

  • Living Room

Traditional furniture makes the room more formal. Keep antiques in your room as it contributes to a traditional style but using excess of antiques will make room overboard and smaller in size

  • Chandelier

Use traditional chandelier to your dining area as it will give elegant look , light colour that a chandelier throws should be dull and will look more different if it will be of blue/red


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